Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd Held 2017 ¡°Celebrating National Day¡± Cultural Performance.

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29th September evening, Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd 2017 ¡°Celebrating National Day¡± Culture Performance which the theme is ¡°Celebrating the 19th National Congress of CPC, stay true to the mission and go with the Party, Spend National Day together, unite and forge ahead and crate resplendence ¡± was held in 8AT Culture Plaza. Chairman Liu Xiangwu, relative leaders of Shandong Institute of Industrial Technicians and Shengrui¡¯s leaders group attended the party. Staff of Shengrui and resident enterprises and ¡°Shengrui Class¡± students of Shandong Institute of Industrial Technicians these more than 1500 participants attended the party. 


This party began with grand and bright opening dance ¡°Sheng Shi Huang Ge¡±. Female solo ¡°Bless the motherland¡±, guitar played and sang ¡°Chengtu¡±, male and female duet ¡°At the moment¡± and San ju ban ¡°No.1 Factory mien¡± and other programs were marvellous, whole performance upsurge happened frequently, audiences applauded passionately for performers.

At 20:00, with the chorus of whole staff of Shengrui, performance came to a conclusion. With the graceful music, everybody stood up in order to bless motherland and Shengrui.


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