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Eternal Sacred King Chapter 50 - She… Still Came

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The Joyful Clan people looked up, only to see a gigantic eagle with a huge pair of purple wings circling the skies above the valley. Its gigantic wings were spreading and shrouding the sky and sun., The wings on the purple eagle were impregnable and had an illustrious, metallic shine. Its pair of claws was strong and powerful, seemingly able to crush the hilltop., This was obviously the leader of the purple-wing eagles. Both its eyes exuded boundless fury and murderous intent!, “S-spirit demon?”, Elder Qian’s voice was trembling and his face drained of colors., In the eyes of cultivators, spirit demons could be divided into two categories – Foundation Establishment Realm and Golden Core Realm., The purple-winged eagle in front of them should be at the Foundation Establishment Realm but it was obviously much more powerful than Elder Qian! Most importantly, this spirit demon could fly!, “Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!”, Chirping sounds of furore could be heard coming from the caves surrounding the valley. Numerous purple-winged eagles flew out of the cave. At one glance, there were hundreds of them!, Although these purple-winged eagles were spirit beasts, there were more than enough of them to tear the Joyful Clan people into pieces., There was really nowhere to turn to., They could not even escape!, Su Zimo’s earlier words resonated in everyone’s mind., In that moment, everyone understood., Su Zimo came here because he wanted to borrow the powers of these purple-winged eagles in Cang Lang Mountain Range to wipe them out in one swoop., This place was their tomb!, “No… We didn’t kill it. That purple eagle… No… It’s that man in the cave.” A Qi Refinement Warrior spoke incoherently. He was so frightened that his lungs and guts were splitting., It was just that this explanation sounded too feeble., The spirit demons had a strong sense of territory possession., Even spirit beasts and spirit demons who intruded their territory would be viciously attacked by the purple-winged eagles, let alone cultivators from the human clan., Although Su Zimo killed that purple eagle, in the eyes of the purple-winged eagles, they had long classified the Joyful Clan people in the same category as Su Zimo., The detestable human clan!, “Chirp!”, The purple-winged eagles circling in the high skies chirped. In the next moment, hundreds of purple-winged eagles pounced on the Joyful Clan people murderously., At the same time, the leader of the purple-winged eagles dived down, opened its sharp claws and dashed towards Elder Qian to grab the latter’s head., Everyone from the Joyful Clan felt devastated., This was a doomed situation., The moment that they stepped into the valley, they could no longer get out of it., The winds outside the cave were cold and pervasive. Nevertheless, it was very warm inside the cave., Thick straw mats were placed on the cold ground. Lying on top of them, Su Zimo could hear the miserable cries coming from outside. The corners of his lips curled into a smile., “Monkey, did you hear that? This group of people who harmed you are all going to die.” Su Zimo said softly., The spirit monkey was lying by Su Zumo’s side. Its eyes were shut and it did not respond., Having lived in Cang Lang Mountain Range for six months, Su Zimo knew this place like the back of his hand. Both he and the spirit monkey knew which areas were frequented by spirit demons and which areas posed extreme danger., Su Zimo had planned this well in advance., This was the key reason that he chose Cang Lang Mountain Range as his battlefield., On the warm straw mat were a few oval-shaped bird eggs with faint purplish lines on the eggshells. They looked very beautiful., Su Zimo casually took two of the eggs and knocked them against each other using the remaining bit of his strength., Crack! Crack!, Lines of cracks appeared on the eggs and purplish-gold liquid flowed out of them, emitting a strong fragrance., Su Zimo placed one of the eggs by the spirit monkey’s mouth and the other by his own mouth. He sucked the liquid bit by bit. He could not help smiling when he said, “Monkey, haven’t you been longing for this egg? I have brought it here for you today.”, The spirit monkey often mentioned to Su Zimo that eggs of purple-winged eagles were extremely nutritious and tasty. However, there was a purple-winged eagle at the spirit demon level. On normal days, the two of them dared not even approach the eggs., The spirit monkey felt proudest about one thing in its life – he secretly ate an egg belonging to a purple-winged eagle and escaped safe and sound thereafter., The purple-winged eagles were one of the rare birds that would go through various stages of hibernation during winter., A man and a monkey already had plans to come here to steal the eggs once winter was approaching and when the purple-winged eagles were hibernating. They would be less sensitive to the outside world at that time., Unfortunately, Su Zimo left at the beginning of winter., The spirit monkey’s lips were tightly shut. The purplish-gold liquid flowed down the corner of its mouth and dropped onto the straw mat. There was no response from it all this while., At the sight of this, Su Zimo’s eyes dimmed., The fragrant liquid in his mouth suddenly turned tasteless., The miserable cries outside gradually faded., Elder Qian’s hysterical shout could be heard, “Su Zimo, you can’t leave here even if I am dead! Do you think this group of beasts will let you off? Ah… ”, Elder Qian cried in pain, and there was no more noise thereafter., Su Zimo smiled., Since he had arrived here, Su Zimo did not intend to leave this place alive., The objective of this plan was for everyone to perish together. It was just that Su Zimo did not expect to implicate the spirit monkey in the end., Su Zimo struggled to stand up and walk out of the cave. Looking at the over 50 corpses beyond recognition in the valley, devoured and torn to pieces by the purple-winged eagles, he shook his head. A flash of mockery streaked across his eyes., So what if they were Foundation Establishment Cultivators?, So what if they were an immortal clan?, Eventually, they still died in an obscure corner of this Cang Lang Mountain Range without anyone knowing., In actual fact, one would say that the death of the Joyful Clan people was due to Su Zimo’s trap rather than being devoured by the purple-winged eagles., From the moment the Joyful Clan people stepped into Cang Lang Mountain Range, they had already fallen into an invisible net. Led around the nose by Su Zimo, they were heading to the abyss of death with every step that they took., In mid-air, the leader of the purple-winged eagles sensed something as it suddenly lifted its head and landed its icy cold gaze on Su Zimo. The murderous intent was akin to that of a saber., Su Zimo had seen it before on his first night in Cang Lang Mountain Range., The numerous purple-winged eagles gradually stopped devouring the corpses. Flapping their wings in the air, they fixed their gazes on Su Zimo, only waiting for the order from their leader before they charged forward to tear Su Zimo into pieces!, “Chirp!”, The spirit demon level purple-winged eagle chirped loudly., Swoosh!, Numerous purple-winged eagles swarmed over like a turbulent purple sea that would drown Su Zimo in the next moment., Facing the incoming death, Su Zimo was calm. He neither retreat nor panic., From the moment that he embarked on the path of cultivation, Die Yue had told him that he would face unimaginable dangers and could lose his life at any time. He should not expect her to save him., At that moment, Su Zimo replied that life and death were preordained., This moment had eventually arrived., It was just that Su Zimo did not expect it to come so soon., All of a sudden!, In Su Zimo’s line of sight, a flash of unrivaled, stunning scarlet color that seemingly wanted to dye the entire world red suddenly flashed across that purple sea. It was impossible to overlook it., The shadow of a figure appeared and blocked the front of Su Zimo., Su Zimo opened his mouth slightly. There was first shock in his eyes, followed by endless delight and happiness., The intruder was clad in a long, blood-colored robe. Back facing Su Zimo, she had a slim figure and her dark tresses were hanging loosely around her neck, blowing in the breeze., “You dare touch my people. Then, you shall die.”, The calm tone, pleasant voice and lazy drawl. Yet, the dominance in it was suffocating!, Su Zimo suddenly felt like crying., He had fantasized countless times about Die Yue appearing in the times of critical danger but had been repeatedly disappointed., “She, still came.”

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