Peng wings spread upward, fighting know the vast cloud; monkey body agile, climbing fear the road ahead. In the Year of the Monkey approaching, I would like on behalf of all shareholders to annual fought in the various jobs of the staff, to have been concerned about and support the development of leaders at all levels of the company, society colleagues, friends extend my heartfelt thanks and Season's Greetings!

2015 is Shengrui temper front row of the year. We "Shengrui 3.0 Project" as a guide, the initiative to understand the new normal, adapt to the new normal, and gradually lead the new norm. Companies pay close attention to the process of transformation and upgrading opportunities, take the initiative as the stable to the good operating performance, industry leading position further consolidated.

       Our in-depth implementation of "3X + Y" strategy, specialized, sophisticated, strong product positioning, with services to meet the diverse needs of the market, to provide quality products and excellent service to customers, create a culture of integrity and quality of the brand and further consolidate the partnership with strategic customers.

       We deeply understand the grasp "more than four" policy, the focus of new product development, new markets, focus on nurturing the marketing team, innovative marketing mode, actively seize the domestic and foreign markets, the proportion of the company's market structure was further optimized, and gradually adapt to the global market competition mode.

We carefully digging "six how to do", the smooth realization of the reform of institutional mechanisms for companies, departments accurate positioning, work performance gradually revealed, the company toward diesel engine area, "good situation to make more money, less money situation is bad but not a loss," the ideal state one step forward.

We further deepen 8AT upgraded to pull production work, 8AT produce a breakthrough 8000, achieve profitability, with a pass rate of more than 85%, performance indicators have reached more than 95%, the series of new product development, orderly carrying vehicle matching test, automatic transmission supporting industrial park construction in full swing.

       Our company 2016-2020 careful reading "Five-Year Plan" prepared comments, the prospective development trend, snapping the actual, highlight key planning, with a positive attitude preparation company, "Five-Year Plan", with new ideas, new ideas, new ideas come together to seek future development of new roads.

       Man Road as the iron, now moving more from scratch. 2016 is the company's "Five-Year Plan" the first year, there are challenges, but also full of opportunities. We want to "new ideas, new plans, new developments, new Shengrui" as the guide, adhere to the concept of innovation, painstaking planning layout to the spirit of tough and focused, positive and pragmatic style, improve the quality of enterprises, build their core competitiveness to enhance the overall strength of enterprises; we want the company "five-year plan" for the long-term goal, "the concept of decision confidence, confidence in the decision an action, determine success" code of conduct, to play Division synergies, promote strategic business development and strategic area development and achieve flourishing, the road of scientific development to create unique color Sheng Reiter; we want to systems thinking, coordinate development of management, personnel, cultural co-transformation, and constantly optimize enterprise operation mode, continue to improve the system and process of combing work to achieve enterprise further improve the management level; we should adhere to the people-oriented, to increase the staff of life, welfare, environment, investment and cultural positions, so that employees share the results of business development, to enhance the well-being of employees, pride and sense of identity.

       Through the 2015 winter, we Proudly forward in 2016 spring. We kept fighting chest, heart to play, in a hopeful way, let our hearts go one want to work hard, united General business, strong faith, face the challenge, to achieve the company "Five-Year Plan," the grand blueprint of the common struggle!

       Finally, I wish everyone a happy New Year, happiness and good health!


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