Companies 2016-2020 "Five-Year Plan"

First, the guiding ideology

1 to the eighth session of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Party spirit and adopted the "Thirteen Five" planning policy basis;

2 to "Industry 4.0", "Made in China 2025" as a guide;

3, Shengrui corporate vision, corporate values, corporate mission for the purpose.

Second, the approach routes

1, to "Shengrui 3.0 project", "3X + Y" for the principle;

2, in order to "support the development of innovation, wisdom to lead the future" for the route;

3, in order to "determine the concept of confidence, confidence in the decision action, action decided success" for Shengrui core competitiveness.

Third, the direction of the target

1, adhere to innovation and development, improve the enterprise's comprehensive strength. Adhere to the concept of innovation, system innovation, system innovation, management innovation, cultural innovation, innovative approaches, so that enterprises in the next five years to become the benchmark in the industry, at the forefront in the enterprise, in Weifang comprehensive strength in the top 10.

2, adhere to promote the use of intelligent manufacturing, developing new products, new materials, new processes, new technology research, and actively promote the development and application of patents, five years to achieve a leading technology strength, world-class level.

3, adhere to the people-oriented, create Sheng ruiwen technology to enhance the well-being of employees, pride, identity, quality of life of employees, work environment, benefits five years to achieve the forefront of walking in Weifang.

Fourth, the implementation of views

1, increasing new product R & D investment. In accordance with the annual investment of 4% -5% of sales revenue proportion reached to meet customer demand for market development, leading the Chinese market.

2, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprise products.

(1) diesel engine sector

a, the implementation of the reduction efficiency, quality, cost reduction strategy.

b, implementation of the cage for a bird, phoenix.

c, to explore the development of agricultural machinery supporting the automatic transmission and the possibility of supporting assembly market, to accelerate the market research, product development, technology research, process analysis, use 2--3 years, the area formed diesel diesel engine parts, 8AT parts , agricultural products and strategic layout gearbox assembly.

(2) 8AT area

a, implemented by purchasing now pull outputs single supply channels, difficult to manage, adapt to customer demand, far away, scattered, chaotic situation, turn the key components gradually achieve self-production and procurement by combining the core components adopt a multi-channel purchasing, suppliers into the park, take part in general optimal delivery radius industry model, to achieve a market-oriented, independent deployment, to meet the market, suppliers controlled, benefiting businesses to benefit from government support purposes.

b, implementation of the quantity 8AT, quality, service efficiency measures.

(3) Used farm area

a, as soon as possible to the agricultural equipment industry, stampings, supplemented by the transformation industry, stimulating the formation of agricultural equipment development stampings, headed both the pattern.

b, try to lift the door to explore cooperative joint venture business model.

c, diversified, market-oriented, forming a flexible operational mechanism, taking into account the foreign project contracting, and maximize the interests of enterprises.

(4) Casting area

a, to serve the production needs of each business unit the main line, to meet the company's needs premise, the "going out" strategy and develop high value-added foundry market, the pursuit of profit maximization.

b, and actively carry out research application of new materials, new processes, new technologies.

c, cast product quality is a comprehensive reflection of personnel, equipment, materials, technology, and to make great efforts to integrate resources, to achieve the advanced level, and strive to achieve industry-leading Weifang.

(5) Equipment Technology Center

a, to serve each division meet mention quality, efficiency and the ability to develop new products and new markets for the purpose, to affordable, quality, quantity, when security, and gradually form competition at competitive prices.

b, try to use existing personnel, equipment resources to open up development, and manufacturing high-precision end 8AT parts, equipment and technology center to expand the scale.

c, to explore the old equipment automation transformation, the robot, intelligent introduction to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs.

3, increase personnel training, to create a platform for the growth of talent.

(1) the construction of all kinds of talent promotion channels, into the normal management assessment, assessment done every year, selected superior Amoy bad.

(2) construction job classification work into government series, establish archives for the evaluation, recommendation talents into the government, the national system, the company implemented titles linked wage system.

(3) the introduction of equity incentive mechanism for talented people in the form of equity shares, and gradually become the masters of enterprises, enhance the sense of pride, a sense of security.

(4) the research projects and linked to a combination of talent, to train people to carry out the project, project training, project reward people, to talent development, benefit.

(5) to continue to run all kinds of postgraduate courses, research talents to explore special training abroad.

4, increase the business unit system, controlled study to explore the implementation of management, team management and control capability, product stability, efficiency and stability of the Division of the gradual implementation of the reform of the legal system division, exploration management team, technology, management, technicians backbone shares mix; exploration carried out between the Division and the Division of mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions; the introduction of a legal entity after restructuring, shares staff with the unit efficiency bonus incentives.

5, to increase the financial capital of foreign investment, attracting over, foreign investment, foreign capital investment increased use of national policies to business strategy, financial products and enterprise products while promoting common development, and create efficiency.

6, increase investigate market diversification, community of interests, a win-win model.

7, increase research and construction of the company make full use of the company's human resources, brand resources, intangible assets and intellectual property to carry out foreign labor contracting, and create efficiency.

8, increase the staff of life, welfare, environment, business investment and cultural fronts.

(1) establishing Shengrui talent community, to form talent "depression effect", form an energy field; (2) the construction of facilities to meet the staff of life, build kindergartens, community hospitals, supermarkets, pedestrian street, the staff rental housing, improve employee the environment, quality of life, to solve practical problems of employees sent children is difficult and far, shopping inconvenient. (3) the establishment of corporate culture museum, staff training bases, showing the history of the development of enterprises, for new employees cultural heritage education, heritage enterprise culture; to give staff to create an environment where employees have a sense of happiness, pride, a sense of security .


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