Weifang Shengrui Cast Co., Ltd locates in Majia County, NanGuan Street, Weicheng Zone, as ¡°Green Cast¡± target to build factory, it is civilian-run enterprise which focus on technology innovation and energy saving and environmental protection.

Company established high efficiency cast basement which have 3 main bodies such as HWS line cast workshop, Dongjiu line cast workshop, and EPC workshop in ceaseless development process. Meanwhile it can engage in self-hardening sand craft casting and molding casting, which satisfied most of diesel engine components, parts of vehicle components rough and complicated craft casting producing.

Company set physics and chemistry room, spectral analysis room, chemistry analysis room, molding sand laboratory, three-coordinate measuring room and deformation laboratory etc. Company has intact assay equipment and advanced methods which can provide quality of products.

Company focus on producing high-grade alloy grey cast iron, varies grades spheroidal graphite and heat-resistant cast, and annual producing capacity is 60,000 ton. Main products of company are flywheel, flywheel housing, vent-pipe, oil sump, gear room, water pump body, bracket etc. Main matching manufacturers of company are Weichai Power Group, Cummins plc, John Deere, Fiat, Lovol Power plc, China No.1 Tractor plc, Dongying Kori and other international famous enterprises.  


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