Shandong Shengrui Imports and Exports Co., Ltd was established in 2014, it is attempt and exploration of management transformation, market transformation and management innovation, simulating pure trade corporation to engage in business, accelerating development of internationalization and pluralism by regarding business position as flagship, regarding industry as basic. Building comprehensive, professional market information system by establishing network promotion platform, settling in sellers¡¯ zones, establishing informational marketing mode, combining exhibition, trade conference and other traditional marketing mode. After establishment, Shandong Shengrui Imports and Exports Co., Ltd accelerated development of market internationalization and pluralism, explored internet marketing mode by internet platform, explored market exploitation channel, opened European Casting maket successfully. Company implemented whole sharing  and effective utilization of world-wide market demand, production dynamics. 

Shandong Shengrui Imports and Exports Co., Ltd insist on ¡°Inclusive and broadly aceptable, constantly strive to become stronger ¡± culture concept, developing indication spirit of ¡°loyalty, self-driven, cooperation, innovation¡±, endeavoring to exploit international market space of Shengrui. 


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