The Chairman of Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd Liu Xiangwu Inspected and Guided Works of American Amos Ltd.

date£º2018/2/22 15:27:03 visits£º

On the local time 27th October, the chairman of Shengrui Liu Xiangwu and board director of Shengrui Dong Lijun inspected and guided works of American Amos Ltd.

During the period, the staff works meeting of Amos was held. The chairman of Shengrui Liu Xiangwu attended meeting and made a significant speech. In meeting, chairman Liu Xiangwu reviewed and commented the operation situation and market development of Amos. In order to develop market next year more superiorly, chairman Liu Xiangwu interviewed the key marketing personnel, and analyzed the gain and loss of market in 2017, discussed the tendency and targets of market in 2018.

Whole staff of Amos expressed welcome to chairman Liu Xiangwu and other leaders, and expressed acknowledgement to vigorously supports and solicitude of Shengrui in recent year. Through operation in this year, Amos obtained the new opportunities and growth, whole staff would be more endure in works for Shengrui¡¯s development in the future.


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