Chairman Liu Xiangwu Inspected And Indicated Works of Shengrui North American Amos Ltd., In New Factory Site.

date£º2018/2/22 15:30:34 visits£º

On American local time 31st October, Shengrui chairman Liu Xiangwu inspected and indicated the works of Shengrui North American Amos Ltd., in the new factory site. Chairman Liu Xiangwu and other leaders comprehensively and systemically researched around construction programming and future development prospect of Amos Ltd., new factory and other situation.

Chairman Liu Xiangwu suggested that construction of new factory would be the key of Amos Ltd., next step development programming, and it¡¯s the significant point of Shengrui integrating into the international market. Each department must to complete their own works, and they also need engage in all out construction works of new factory and carry out Shengrui¡¯s strategy planning in North America, in order to stride forward to international and full coverage market strategy.



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