Shengrui Transmission Second-Generation 8AT Launching News Conference was Held Grandly in Beijing

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Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd. combined China Automotive News to hold Shengrui Transmission Second-Generation 8AT Launching News Conference in Beijing Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel on 26th September. Liu Xianwu who is the chairman of Shengrui attended conference and made a speech.

Industry experts, automobile manufacturers, social friends, automobile components suppliers, news media and more than hundred participants attended conference together.

News Conference was hosted by Li Shengqi who is secretary-general of Euro-Chinese Association¡¯s Gear Transmission Affiliate. Participants watched second-generation 8AT propagandize film ¡°Start Again with Numerous Competitors¡±.


Then Shengrui Chairman Liu Xiangwu made a speech. Firstly, he represented Shengrui to show gratitude to cares and supports of participants and circles of the society.


He said that Shengrui has launched first-generation 8AT to market successfully with JMC Landwind¡¯s supports, and 150000 8ATs of sales were racked up after 2014. Through more than 3 years market launching, after 2016, according to nation regulations, Shengrui researched and developed second-generation 8AT which can satisfy the rising product demands of automobile manufacturers, and absorbed the market testing data and technology accumulating of first-generation 8AT, also within the production direction of green, comfortable, high efficiency, intelligent and platformization, until now, it can implement batch listing.

Firstly, process system is the core protection of product power. Through 10 years¡¯ deep plowing and accumulating in automatic transmission domain, Shengrui¡¯s technology is on the world's leading edge, and we had felt deeply that process system is the core protection of advanced technology becoming perfect product. Therefore, when we communicated with FAW-Volkswagen in 2016, we imported Volkswagen¡¯s VDA 6.3 German automobile industry quality system, meanwhile, we reformed and upgraded producing system with SAP, ERP, MES etc, which help us implement intelligent manufacturing. Process reforming had provided strongly protection of our production¡¯s coherence and dependability.

Secondly, the permanent theme of Shengrui innovation and development is extreme pursuit of product quality. In the initial of 8AT project launched, we have ensure production quality target which is ¡°High standard, high quality, zero defect, zero delay¡±. Secondary-generation 8AT insists on boosting quality forging with whole industry chain, and regards quality as the life and soul of whole industry chain. In order to achieve this target, we improved products quality from fountainhead of industry chain, and steady quality basis through perfect industry chain. Therefore, we built up China¡¯s first Automatic Transmission Supporting Industrial Park in Weifang after 2016, and 9 core component suppliers had entered the industry park, which improved quality protection ability of our industry chain.


Then, the essence of Shengrui culture is to provide cost-effective products and zero-distance service. Throughout 10 years forward R&D, we had have abilities of design R&D, experimental verification and vehicle matching calibration, which can provide clients low-cost and high-efficiency service and shorten the product manufacturing period. Meanwhile, we built up perfect after-sales service system and question rapid response system, in order to provide all-weather technology supporting and site service, making a great effort to let clients and customers feel intimate Shengrui culture.

The only approaches of enterprises surviving and development are from R&D to manufacturing, from manufacturing to market and from market to clients¡¯ satisfaction. We know that the biggest core competitiveness of enterprises is to incessantly provide superior product and service  to customers. Recently, we launched gas-electric hybrid transmission, plug-in hybrid transmission and other series products, to satisfy national regulations and customers¡¯ demands.

Shengrui would manufacture more high-quality products and operate enterprise kindly with sturdy confidence and hundredfold endeavor, would inaugurate the new situation of China proprietary brand automobile transmission development in order to achieve China automobile power dream.

After speech, relative leaders of Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd. made speeches ¡°Product Power of Second-Generation 8AT¡± and ¡°Future Technical Routes and New Product Planning¡±.


Then conference turned into senior interview section. With the hosting of Li Shengqi, president of SAE-China Fu Yuwu, vice president of Jiangling Holding Co., Ltd. Cheng Huoping, chief engineer of Zhejiang Zotye Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Ren Yingmu, BAIC Yinxiang vice-general manager Huang Guiyou, vice-general manager of Chongqing Lifan Automobile Co., Ltd. Li Zhongyou, Power Assembly Department chief of Chery Commercial Automobile Co., Ltd Cui Ketian and senior manager of United Automotive Electronic Systems Co. Ltd Nan Ping,  discussed around the themes which contain ¡°Test driving feeling and suggesting of Shengrui second-generation 8AT¡±, ¡°Second-generation 8AT application vehicle type and situation, and the requirement¡±, ¡°Cooperation situation within UAES, and how to guarantee the product quality¡±, ¡°According to naetween automobile manufacturers and the component enterprises¡±, ¡°The technical route¡¯s suggestions of next step which are plugging-in and electric vehicle, and also Shengrui¡¯s next-step technical routes and demands of new products¡±.


General Manager of China Automobile New Co., Ltd. Xin Ning made a conclusion speech. He told about that Shengrui Transmission is outstanding enterprise which has responsibilities, can insist and work hard. They have cut off all means of retreat to R&D 8AT which is the most difficult automatic transmission successfully, and solved the question from zero to one of domestic automatic transmission. After success of Shengrui, they kept spirit of striving and motivation of innovation, R&D second-generation 8AT successfully during 3 years, they worth industry to subscribing.


Before news conference, participants visited exhibition stand of second-generation 8AT, and have the testing drive the vehicles which carry second-generation 8AT, signed in sign-desk and take a group photo to mark the occasion.



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