Congratulation on Shengrui Transmission Established 15 Years and Celebrating the China New Year Evening Party Was Held

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¡°Entering the new age, embracing new challenges, motivating new kinetic energy, co-creating new Shengrui¡± congratulating Shengrui Transmission established 15 years and celebrating the China New Year evening party was held in 8AT factory intelligence warehouse on 18th January. Shengrui Transmission leadership group, suppliers representatives, Shengrui Transmission staff, staff of enterprises in the park and relative personnel.

Chairman Liu Xiangwu reviewed brilliant history in 2017 and forecast 2018 good vision in speech, and shared several philosophical sentences: Though there is a good platform, there is no happiness without struggle£»though there is a wide stage, there is no dreams without struggle. 

Then the Shengrui Transmission leaders group toasted to everyone.

Wang Dongbing who is the secretary of the party committee and deputy general manager awarded for management pacesetter, technology pacesetter, business pacesetter, producing pacesetter, service pacesetter.

Chairman and general manager Liu Xiangwu awarded for contribution units, outstanding contribution prizes, brand building prizes.

Board director of Singapore Xinna Funds He Jiaju extracted the third prizes.

Chairman Xu Hongjun of enterprises in the park representatives Shandong Fuxiang Power Co., Ltd extracted the second prizes.

Shengrui Transmission Co., Ltd deputy chairman Zhou Litin extracted the first prizes.


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