Shengrui Transmission Chairman Liu Xiangwu Was Invited to Attend Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony of Ministry of Science and Technology With the National Federation of Industry and Commerce.

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 Cooperation agreement signing ceremony of Ministry of Science and Technology with the National Federation of Industry and Commerce was held in Beijing on 12th February, the vice-chairman of the CPPCC and minister of MOST Wan Gang, chairman of China Federation of Industry Gao Yunlong and other relative leaders attended ceremony, Shengrui Chairman Liu Xiangwu was invited to attend in.


Chairman Liu Xiangwu made a speech as representative of private enterprises. Firstly he represented Shengrui to thank for Ministry of Science and Technology and China Federation of Industry especially Wan Gangí»s Care and supporting to Shengrui.

Then, chairman Liu Xiangwu shared several experiences of Shengruií»s science and research innovation history. He suggested that Shengrui 8AT project had successfully completed 8ATí»s development and research and volume production of the world first front-engine front-wheel-drive and owning completely proprietary intellectual property rights. Until now, we had matched a various of car types of Baic Yinxiang, Jiangling Land Wind, Lifan, Zoyte, which completed 160000 carsí» sales. Recently 8AT project signed carrying agreement with FAW Car, and made cooperation intention with numerous major customers.


Wan Gang sufficiently affirmed private enterprisesí» emphasize effective of emerging industrial economy development process, hoped private enterprises increasing the investment of innovation, insisting on innovation motivation, improving core competitiveness, enlarge international vision, response for society, and promoting social development together.


Before ceremony, participants visited National Federation of Industry and Commerceí»s í░Striving ahead five yearsí▒ achievement exhibition.


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