“Shengrui is no longer the one it used to be” /Communication Activity of the World Top Ten “Lopal Cup” Transmission Walking into Shengrui

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“Shengrui is no longer the one it used to be” said by Li Jun , academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, after investigating and researching Shengrui’s manufacturing, R&D level, and analyzing enterprises development venation. On 26th May, technical communication Activity of Shengrui transmission, taken part in by selection professors group of the World Top Ten “Lopal Cup” Transmission, was hosted by Automobile Evaluation Research Institute in Weifang, Shandong.


There are many visitors to Shengrui this time. Xu Bingjin----Chairman of China Europe Economic Technology Cooperation, Li Jun ------Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of China Automobile Engineering Academy, Li Qingwen ----the dean of Automobile Evaluation Research Institute, Li Wanli----the expert of Academic Committee of Experts in China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, Qingheng ----director of China Automotive Industry Advisory Committee An, Shi Jianhua ----the Deputy Secretary-General of China Automobile Industry Association, Shi Junfeng---- the Chairman of Jiangsu Lopal Technology Co., Ltd., Xu Xiangyang ----the professor of institute of Transportation Science and engineering in Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the chairman of the World Top Ten Transmission Selection Committee, Guan Xin----Dean of Automotive Research Institute of Jilin University and the chairman of the World Top Ten Transmission Selection Committee, Song Jian ----the Executive Vice President of Tsinghua University Automotive Engineering Development Research Institute, Li Shengqi ----secretary-general of China Automobile Automatic Transmission Innovation Association, Chen Yong ----the Dean of Hebei University of Technology New Energy Vehicles Research Institute, Zhang Jianwu ----deputy dean of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Xue Dianlun----associate professor of Hunan University Mechanical and Transport Engineering Institute, Xi Junqiang ----deputy dean of Beijing Institute of Technology Machinery and Vehicles Institute and more than 20 automobile and relative industry experts and 5 OEMs representatives visited Shengrui Transmission 8AT Exhibition Hall, 8AT producing lines, 8AT cleaning, logistics, laboratory, machining workshop, 8AT Connecting Corridor and Industrial Park.


In the morning, industrial experts and corporation leaders tried driving Bisu T5, Damy X7S, Jetour X70, Baic Huansu S7 and Zotye T700 which had matched Shengrui generation 1 and generation 2 8AT, and they discussed the currently depressive industry situation and strategy of Shengrui development situation with Liu Xiangwu ,Chairman of Shengrui Transmission Corporation Limited and Zhou Litin, Deputy Chairman of Shengrui Transmission Corporation Limited.


Chairman Liu Xiangwu shared Shengrui Transmission’s development direction, basing on promoting the existing AT product capacity, insisting the automobile electric drive, implementing longitudinal and lateral development strategies to achieve automatic transmission’s full-range arrangement, and will comprehensively satisfy the multiple demands of China automobile market.


Selecting chairman Xu Xiangyang briefly introduced industry development situation.


Automobile and relative industry experts discussed deeply with Shengrui leaders.


In the whole discussion meeting, experts brought up the advices and suggestions, and OEMs representatives also came up with several unique opinions.


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