Shengrui Held the Decoration Ceremony for “the first Shengrui Strivers”

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On 10th July afternoon, Shengrui held the decoration ceremony for “the first Shengrui Strivers” at the 8AT first floor hall.

Liu Xiangwu, The Chairman of Shengrui attended decoration ceremony and decorated to Shengrui Strivers, there are more than 260 staff attended this ceremony ,containing company leaders, the first-group shengrui strivers, internal shareholders, all the Party members and supervisors.



Participants watched “Shengrui Strivers” feature film, which displayed the impressive stories about the strivers. They have totally contributed themselves to Shengrui with dreams, burning passion, always staying true to the mission with the leading of Chairman Liu. They are entrepreneurs, managers, scientific workers and operators. They inheritanted Shengrui Dream with their youthfulness, wrote regretless life with Untiring struggle, and paint magnificent striving history.


把8AT视为自己生命的周立亭.jpg 干就负责,做就到位的郄安升.jpg

敢啃硬骨头的尉言超.jpg 又红又专的首席科学家郭伟.jpg

以厂为家的张振华.jpg 心系客户的许永信.jpg

固执攻坚的苏波.jpg 陪伴铸造一生的郑爱国.jpg

Chairman Liu Xiangwu decorated to the first Shengrui Strivers successively.

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Kids from Cross-century Shengrui Kindergarten present flowers and took group photo with Chairman Liu Xiangwu and Shengrui Strivers.


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