The Opening of Shengrui Culture Center

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On 10th July, Shengrui Culture Center was opened fomally.


More than 260 staffs including leaders, middle shareholders, all the Party members and shift leaders visited Shengrui Culture Center.

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Shengrui Culture Center was divided two floors parts, including the brief introduction of chairman Liu Xiangwu, Shengrui strivers exhibition, enterprise brief introduction, leaders’ concern, Shengrui footprint, enterprise honor, cooperation partners, product center, and enterprise vision, all of which displays Shengrui’s development history and brilliant achievements.

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The meaningful construction and opening of Shengrui Culture Center is a milestone for Shengrui, which carding and summarize Shengrui’s culture venation, development history and brilliant achievements, which is the specific exhibition of Shengrui culture and spirit. Hope every staff of Shengrui take this opportunity to remember the history, focus on the future and strive for the healthy and rapid development of Shengrui.


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