The Chairman of Shengrui Liu Xiangwu Was Invited to Attend 24th Shandong and Taiwan Economic and Trade Conference Cross-Strait High Quality Development Forum and Made Keynote Speech

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On the morning of September 1st, the 24th Cross-Strait High Quality Development Forum about the economic and trade negotiation between Shandong and Taiwan was held in the Conference Center lecture hall in weifang. Liu Xiangwu, the Chairman of Shengrui, was invited to attend it and made a keynote speech.

This forum¡¯s theme is ¡°Grasp new era, integrate new motivation, propel high quality development¡±, which was mainly held by Council of State Taiwan Affairs Office and People's Government of Shandong Province, undertook by Shandong Province Taiwan Office, Shandong Development and Reform Commission, people's government of Weifang, and assisted by Taiwan Industry Association, Commerce Association, Industrial and commercial Research and Development Conference, Electric Power Association.


Chairman Liu Xiangwu, as the representative of Shandong enterprises, made a speech themed as ¡°Enhancing the new kinetic energy, implementing the high quality development¡±.

Liu Xiangwu said, Shandong and Taiwan Economic and Trade Conference had provided a excellent platform for deepening communication between Shandong enterprises and Taiwan business circle. Mainland and Taiwan has the same ancestor, integrated language and culture, which is a huge advantage for mutual cooperation. Shengrui had relationships with Taishang when the beginning of 8AT research. In 2010, Shengrui published first 8AT edition and sample car£¬which was a highlight at the conference. Then Shengrui attended several Shandong and Taiwan Economic and Trade Conference, and visited Taiwan Federation of Industries and several famous enterprises, and has built up a stable cooperation relationships with numerous Taiwanese-funded enterprises.


Chairman Liu Xiangwu introduced Shengrui¡¯s development situation through the two components of automobile automatic transmission, and heavy-duty engine, and invited participants to come Shengrui to deepen the understanding for Shengrui.

Liu Xiangwu appealed that both Taiwan and mainland should work together to create the world wide ethnic nationalism brand and write a brilliant poem of win-win cooperation in the future together.


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