Shengrui Automatic Transmission Annual Output 300,000 Product Line¡¯s First Equipment Arrived in Factory

date£º2018/9/24 18:13:07 visits£º


On 9.8 Am, The company held a welcoming ceremony for first equipments of annual output 300,000 unites production line arrived on Shengrui Automatic Transmission. 

The chairman of Liu Xiangwu attended this ceremony, also the leaders,head of management departments,the deputy director of the automatic transmission company and the leading cadres and representatives of Dalian Haosen attended the ceremony.


The Annual output 300,000 production line of automatic transmission has the characteristics of three generations of 8AT, hybrid 8HT and hybrid 6HT mixed line production, multi-variety and multi-structure. Upon completion, the company will have an annual production capacity of 550,000 automatic transmissions.


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