Shengrui’s 3 Patents Was Awarded Weifang Patent First, Second and Third Prizes

date:2018/12/3 17:56:21 visits:

On recently,the company's three patents were awarded the first, second and third prizes of the Weifang Patent Award.


The company's second-generation 8AT patent "pre-driver-type automatic transmission and its control method" won the first prize of Weifang City Patent Award.


The 6AT patent “Multi-speed Transmission” was awarded the second prize of the Weifang Patent Award.


The electronic control system patent "Multi-clutch control method and system for multi-position hydraulic automatic transmission" was awarded the third prize of Weifang Patent Award.

Among them, the second-generation 8AT and 6AT patents are among the best in the awards for their outstanding technical level and economic and social benefits.


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