2019 G20 annual meeting of China Society of automotive engineering held in Shengrui

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The "China Automotive Parts Industry Innovation and Development Forum, which is 2019 China Automotive Engineering Society G20 Organization Annual Meeting£¬was held in SHENGRUI TRANSMISSION CORPORATION LIMITED from September 9th to 10th, 2019. This conference is hosted by the China Society of Automotive Engineers and sponsored by SHENGRUI TRANSMISSION CORPORATION LIMITED. The theme of the conference is "Production and assembly integration and Cluster Development", which is aimed to explore the way of innovation  development, transformation and upgrading of China's auto parts industry under the current severe situation, and to explore new ideas, new models and new futures for the Production and assembly integration development.


Many attendant there, Such as He Guangyuan£¬Former Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Fu Yuwu£¬Honorary Chairman of the China Society of Automotive Engineers , Dong Yang£¬First Vice Chairman of Organization Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles (OICA) , Li Jun£¬Director of the China Society of Automotive Engineers , Tang Bo£¬Director of  Shandong Science and Technology Office£¬and Wang Shuhua£¬Deputy Mayor of  Weifang  city£¬attended the meeting. More than 200 representatives from industry organizations, vehicle manufacturers, and component companies also attended the conference.


The conference included 1 closed-door meeting, 1 summit forum, 2 keynote reports, 11 special reports, and an activity to visit Shengrui 8AT Intelligent Manufacturing Base, as well as a test drive. The experts attended the meeting analyzed the current automotive market situation, explored the development direction of Chinese automobiles, fully affirmed Shengrui's exploration and contribution value to China automotive industry, and was hopeful to Shengrui's future.


Liu Xiangwu, chairman and general manager of SHENGRUI TRANSMISSION CORPORATION LIMITED, gave a guided speech. He expressed his gratitude to all the guests gathered in the meeting. He would like to take this opportunity to share Shengrui development process. It has been 12 years since Shengrui 8AT project Launch. Shengrui have always kept ongoing forward with technological innovation, constantly-upgraded technology and products, and strived to provide customers with excellent quality services. On the one hand, we have formed a complete innovation chain from concept design to industrialization, and formed a one-stop industrial platform with production bases, process technology and component suppliers, and established a platform for sharing technological achievements for the automotive industry; On the one hand, Shengrui have extended 8AT platform to series of product lines of like fuel or new energy vehicles. Shengrui have the ability to keep innovation and provide support for vehicle manufacturers the technological process experience. It can be said that Shengrui is not only an AT technology company, but has also a platform serving the entire vehicle and service industries.


At the conference, Shengrui introduced 8AT series such as hybrid 8HT, vertical hybrid 8HT, forming a new energy 8AT product lineage from oil-electric hybrid to plug-in hybrid, from front-drive to rear-drive. Shengrui is with the priority on 8AT technology, the motor and dual "U" tech, reached the power transmission system integration on new energy vehicles, and provided solutions on P2 hybrid integrated system for auto companies, filling the gap of autonomous new energy vehicles.


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