Shengrui intelligent metal forming center line a put into operation

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On September 25th, Shengrui Intelligent Metal Forming Center A line was put into production.

Li Xinge, Secretary of the Anqiu Municipal Party Committee, Jia Qinqing, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor, Zhang Chuanhai, Deputy Minister of Weichai Purchasing, and Liu Xiangwu, Chairman of Shengrui , jointly launched the A-line of the Shengrui Intelligent Metal Forming Center to witness China's first three-dimensional, low-emission, the intelligent metal forming center was put into operation.


   3.2_副本1.jpg 3.3(小)_副本1.jpg

Shengrui Intelligent Metal Forming Center, with a total 600 million RMB investment, covers an area of 66 acres, and has an annual output of 70,000 tons of castings. It has the internationally-sophisticated equipment with  intelligent management system, a 24-hour response mechanism for lean production or orders, a process layout of four districts, three lines and seven centers, and the entire process automation and intelligence. The 90% automation rate,and 4.7 times increase on production efficiency compared with traditional casting technology reduce labor by two-thirds. After it is all put into production, a domestic first-class intelligent, efficient, environmental, shared metal forming base, and a regional-shared factory will be formed, leading the industry's transformation, upgrade, and meet customers’ high-end needs of .


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